Monday, 10 September 2012

Wicked Eyes

Hi everyone,i hope you had a great weekend! Todays look was inspired by my very favorite Fyrinnae eyeshadow called "Wicked".This colour is so freakin pretty i have tried my best to do it justice in these pictures but you really do have to see it in person. I hope you enjoy this look and give it a go!

Eyeshadows used:"Wicked" and "Hyper Cool" both by Fyrinnae and "Dispersion" and "Wisp" by Femme Fatale (I will leave links to both of these sites at the bottom of the page)

 -To start with i used eye primer over my entire eye lids,then using "Wicked" on a wet pencil brush i went around the crease of my eye,the outer corner and the outer half of my lower lash line.
-After that on a wet,flat eyeshadow brush i used "Hyper Cool" on my top eyelid taking the colour just past half way and also slightly over lapping "Wicked".
-Next on a small,wet eyeshadow brush i used "Dispersion" on the inner half of my top and bottom eyelid.I also used that same colour on a blending brush and blended around the edges to soften any lines.
-I then used "Wisp" on a small,wet eyeshadow brush around the very inner corner of my eye.Lastly i lined my lashline with liquid liner and applied mascara to my lashes.

I hope you liked this look and thankyou for stopping by my little makeup space :)


  1. Such a pretty look. I stumbled upon a container of Victorian Disco Cosmetics Bomber Bile that looks a little like Hyper cool. Might have to try a look with it soon. & I love how you always show the shadows you use on your looks.

    1. Thanks so much Alexis! I haven tried that eye shadow before but this one is so pretty,it has a really strong duo-chrome thanks do much for you're lovely comment :)

  2. Very pretty! I love the blue glitters- it really makes your eyes pop!

  3. Amazing! The Wicked color looks so pretty and I love the effect you created with the colors in here. Reminds me of a cat's eyes!

    1. thankyou so much sylvia! I HATE cats but i totally see what you mean!You should try wicked its one of my favorite fyrinnae colour's :)thanks for the lovely comment!


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