Saturday, 22 September 2012

Darling Girl Cosmetic's Eyeshadow Swatches

Hi pretty people! Lately i have been loving all of the different indie cosmetic company's i have been trying out,they are putting the big brands to shame! My most recent order was with Darling Girl Cosmetics,and they did not dissapoint! They are so affordable,their eyeshadows are STUNNING and they are so lovely to deal with! I bought all petite sizes as i like to try them out before i buy full sizes and i believe they were $2.50 each. In the swatches below i have used Fyrinnae's "Pixie Epoxy" under each swatch.

Moondust- Moondust is a gorgeous, silvery taupe with tons of "diamond dust."
Sirena- Dust lilac with green shift and blue sheen/sparkle.
Flare- Flare is a reddish brown pearl with red/pink "diamond dust" shimmer.

Crypt Keeper- Crypt Keeper is a blackened antique gold.  
Rise Above- a gorgeous indigo with multi-colored sparkles 
Legion- Legion is a deep, lustrous, raisiny bronze with aqua shimmers. When foiled, it has a gorgeous orange/copper afterglow.

Conjure- Conjure looks in most lights like a dirty plum with red undertones hold it at an angle it almost looks like takes on a golden grey-green hue.  I would say when worn it looks like a coppery plum.
Jeweled Taupe- Jeweled Taupe is an amazing, metallic, bronzey taupe with multi-colored shimmer like tiny little jewels ribboned through it.
Neon Tree's- Bright pinky/orange/coral with a sweet pink undertones.(I didnt realize at the time i was swatching,but this is actually a blush they sent it to me as a gift with purchase) 

Shake you're shamRAWK!- is a spunky, cool green satin loaded with pink sparkles.
Scarab-Deep cool greyish brown with strong green shift.
Papercut- Dirty plum with strong grassy green glow.

R.E.M- a rich, khaki green with golden undertones
Thriller-Thriller is an earthy, burgundy pearl with golden bronze reflect.
Clueless- a golden brown with coppery red undertones

Empire of Dirt-  a cool-toned brown with loads of color-shifting "diamond dust."
On the Hunt- Vibrant green with bronze and pink sparkles
Pretty Plasma-a gorgeous, aqua-blue pearl with contrasting black glitter. 

These 4 colours are all in the "Rainbow Brite" collection which i have a separate post on these coming up very soon!
Lucky-  a pale white with turquoise iridescence in the jar, but when swatched, a beautiful green flash is seen along with blue, green, and red/pink sparkles.
Shy Violet- is white in the jar, but when swatched, a blue/violet shift comes alive. 
Indigo- is white in the jar, but when swatched, a gorgeous purple shift emerges with flashes of blue and purple star sprinkles.
Rainbow Brite- a pale, baby pink with red shift and a rainbow of star sprinkles.

Faren Hite-Faren Hite is a warm, bronzey pink with subtle flashes of red sparks. 
It's Showtime-Midnight blue with a garish amount of gold, blue and pink shimmer

How perfect are these colours?! I will without a doubt be re-ordering with "Darling Girl Cosmetics" the quality of these little gems are unbelievable! My favorite colours are Moondust,Sirena and Flare,and i also LOVE the Rainbow Brite collection,what are you're favorites? Have you used DGC before? Thankyou so much for stopping by,i appreciate you all so much :)


  1. wow, these colours are really stunning! Love them

    1. They are soooo stunning I'm rapt with them :) I can't wait to place my next order!

  2. Just a little comment to say this girl truly is amazing! Not only does she work and also manage to raise a beautiful little bubba she also keeps this blog up to date with all the latest she has to share in her extensive beauty knowledge. ❤ u tee xxx

    1. Aww,thanks Ron! Those words mean so much :) xxx


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