Saturday, 6 October 2012

Warm 'n' Sparkly Eyes

Hi everyone! Todays look is a simple neutral eye with a bit of sparkle that i created using my new Inglot palett.I think this look is so pretty and very wearable,i didnt go crazy with the eyeshadow (shocking,i know) as i didnt want to take away from these beautiful lashes (i will have the details on these below). I hope you like this look and try it out,and if you have any requests for up coming post's  please dont hesitate to ask :)

Products used: Inglot Gel liner in "90",Inglot eyeshadows in: 357,37,09,31.

 -To start with i used eye primer all over my eyelids,then using the gel liner (this is a chocolate colour) on a pencil brush i traced around my crease with it an created a small wing on the outer part of my eye,i also went along the outer half of my lower lash line with this same colour.

-Next using "357" (a matte warm-ish chocolate brown) on a pencil brush i patted that over the top of where i put down the gel liner,dont worry about the edges too much we will clean that up later.

-After that i used "37" (a dark shimmery bronze) on a small eyeshadow brush,i over lapped it with the last colour slightly and i bought the colour in towards the center of my eye .

 -I then used "09" (a shimmery copper gold) on a small eyeshadow brush and again i over lapped it with the last colour a little and i took the colour in just stopping shy of the very inner corner.
-Next i used "31" (a shimmery golden nude) around the inner corner of my eye using a small fluffy brush.

-To finish off i used "37" (the colour i used in the 3rd step) on a blending brush and buffed around the edges to make sure there are no harsh lines. I also used the chocolate colour gel liner along my lower lash line and lined my top lash line with liquid liner.Lastly i applied my mascara and false lashes.

These are the eyelashes i used,i picked these up at IMATS and i have been so impressed! They are so easy to use and look so natural.They are by Blync lashes and the name of this particular type in "Fashionably Fashionable"

I hope you guys liked this look,have you tried these lashes before? Let me know what you think i love to hear from you! 


  1. This is such a pretty eyelook! The lashes look great with it too btw, I had some very similar ones from BYS but yours look like higher quality (no doubt they would be, though).

    1. thanks ashii! these are such beautiful lashes LOVE them!

  2. Beautiful eye look! I've been dying to try the BLYNC lashes but I'm just so stuck on my Ardells!

    1. thanks phoebe! you should try them for sure! i have been using them everyday,and im so impressed with them!


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