Sunday, 7 October 2012

Inglot Swatches & info From My 40 Palette

Hi beauties! I briefly showed you this palette in my IMATS haul so today i thought i would tell you a little bit about the "Freedom System",about the eyeshadows them selves and some swatches. Let me just start off by saying i swatched almost every single eyeshadow at Inglot (yep,thats right around 200 eyeshadows and dozens & dozens of Inglot crazed girls made this a VERY tedious task! ) and straight off the bat i was so impressed with their pigmentation,colour varieties and how velvet-ey these colours go on! In my opinion Inglot may just be MAC's biggest competition. Hours later and with rainbow arms i came out with this little gem...

 Isnt it gorge?! The method to my madness is the first 2 rows are neutrals then the next 3 rows are a combination of plumbs,violets,blues,teals and greens. These palettes are magnetic so the whole lid just lifts straight off,although i dont like how hard these eyeshadows are to get out of the palette. 
The eyeshadows them selves & the Freedom system: Inglot have a wide range of palettes ranging from a 3 space palette up to 40 you can choose from,these come empty and you can choose you're own colours to fill the palettes. Inglot has 5 different kinds of shadows within the freedom system:
Matte: Has no sparkle,sheen or shimmer.
Pearl: Has shimmer and sheen.
Double Sparkle (or DS): is a satin formulation with microfine shimmer.
AMC : similar to DS but with less sparkle, the shimmer is few and far in between.
AMC Shine: a more metallic/frosty finish eyeshadow with a high level of sheen.

The swatches done using the colours length ways and going upward and are all done over Urban Decays "Primer Potion".

Left to right:
Matte 346
Pearl 452
Pearl 434
Pearl 451
Matte 391

AMC Shine 40
AMC  487
Matte 334
Matte 349
Matte 329

Pearl 446
Matte 325
AMC 72
Matte 326
Matte 327

AMC 67
Matte 336
Pearl 429
AMC Shine 37
Matte 357

AMC 482
AMC 415
Matte 367
AMC Shine 42
AMC 55
Matte 338
Matte 372
AMC 24
AMC 406
AMC Shine 31

AMC Shine 32
AMC Shine 17
AMC 471
Pearl 407
AMC Shine 09

Matte 340
Pearl 414
Pearl 419
Pearl 45
Pearl 397

Overall im so impressed with these beautiful eyeshadows! If i had to have a winge about something i dont like the numbering system,i wish they had fun names!Is that weird? If there are any colours here you are interested in or want to see me create a look using it just let me know,i would be more than happy to do that :) Thanks so much for stopping by,what do you think of Inglot eye shadows?


  1. Lol @ "with rainbow arms". I love how you you put it up together. They all are very wearable eyeshadows. Lovely!

    1. Thankyou! Ha ha seriously it looked like a rainbow threw up on me!

  2. I love love LOVE Inglot!

    Great palette you have made yourself there with heaps of great colours, I have 2 x 20 palettes and 2 x 5 palettes

    1. Wow thats a lotta inglot! Lol such a great investment I'm so happy I bought this :)

  3. I am so jealous of your collection! Wow this would have been a bit of a mission to do without doubling up on similar colours. I am definitely keen on starting my own little palette

    p.s. your photos of the entire palette at the start don't match (one of them is rotated).

    1. Thanks jasmine :) it was soooo hard not to double up,I'm really shocked I didn't actually! Yea thanks I just spotted that the bottom pic of the palette is taken up side down lol the swatches and everything is going off the palette that way up :)

  4. pretty palette <3 I wanna have my own inglot palette someday <3 too bad its not available here in our country :(

    1. Aww that's no good! These are so beautiful I how u can get you're hands on some :)

  5. wow awesome palette, I congratulate you for being able to pick out 40 shades haha I hard a hard enough time picking out 10.
    Do you mind if I ask how much this set u back? I know you got it on special from IMATS so I will sulk at the discount hehe.

  6. Amazing colors!! Full names for colors are so much easier to remember than numbers!

    1. I know right?! And sometimes they are fun too...not diggin the number system!

  7. OMG YOUR PALETTE!!! I would KILL for the exact same one! Droooooool!

    1. Ha ha thanks sylvia! I'm loving it it has now become my most treasured makeup item lol

  8. I think I may purchase one of these!
    Sending the love from:

  9. Such a great palette! I can't believe you actually took the time to pick them all! I go into an inglot store and spend ages trying to pick just one!


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